Always Summer Weekend Inspiration : Corey Batchelor

Looking for some inspiration for the Always Summer Weekend Poster Show + Mixtape? Check out these artists as they explain their process for creating posters about their favorite summer songs. Learn more about AIGA Jacksonville’s Always Summer Weekend, and register your poster at

Corey Batchelor is Events Marketing Creative Designer at Box Seat Clothing Company (Football Fanatics) and creates shirts for NCAA events including Championships, Rivalries, and Event Specifics. Even though most projects are not poster specific designs, many of the shirt illustrations can be translated into posters.

I choose “Bedroom Intruder,” because we were in the process of decorating our house for Halloween. And yes my girlfriend is obsessed with Halloween, so we start decorating in September. So we thought it would be cool to do a “Horror” inspired poster for the show, and the Bed Intruder song seemed like one that was humorous that could be designed in a completely different light.”

” My goal was to make the poster look as spooky as possible. It was also a different style for me, as I usually do more illustration, but for this project I wanted to do something that seemed realistic.

Corey had heard of the show last year through some friends and decided to enter. He adds, “I also wanted to do some stuff to get more involved with the JAX community.”

Join us on September 28th – 29th for AIGA Jacksonville’s Always Summer Weekend. Sign up online for the poster show, and pre-register tickets to experience the speaker event and workshop.

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Have a great Summer!

By aigajacksonville
Published September 27, 2012