Always Summer Weekend Inspiration: Andy Gattis

Looking for some inspiration for the Always Summer Weekend Poster Show + Mixtape? Check out these artists as they explain their process for creating posters about their favorite summer songs. Learn more about AIGA Jacksonville’s Always Summer Weekend, and register your poster at

Andy Gattis, is a freelance designer, fresh from the University of North Florida. He loves poster design, and does it at every chance. 

“There’s something about well done symbology and instant tonal recognition that makes good posters so so good. I’ve been silkscreening posters for myself for years, and it’s probably my favorite hobby.”

“I chose the song “If Ever I Stray” by Frank Turner for a few reasons. First of all it had released in Summer 2011, and I had listened to the album (“England Keep My Bones”) over and over again. It’s a song about coming to terms with the negative things that happen in the world, and counting your blessings. It so happened that I was learning that lesson in a big way while I was listening to Frank’s new album. It reminds me of my time working with kids at a summer camp for seriously ill children, and what an impact it made on my life.”

“My process was simply a love for the material, a love for the process and the inspiration of a visual style from the past. The Sanborn Map company was at one time widely known for it’s technically intricate and visually entrancing map covers. I happened upon them through a friend and wanted desperately to try my hand at creating something like them. I chose silkscreen because of my love and ability in the area, and I chose to treat the paper with coffee and tea to give it an aged, “saved-from-a-flooded-basement” look. It worked very well, I’m happy to say, and they smell delicious.”

“I have been in AIGA Jax for a few years now, as a student and then as a committee member, and so on. In truth, I would support any event they put on, knowing that it will be quality and extremely fun. But my interest in poster making, music and silkscreen is such that I would have participated no matter what. How could I resist? This was my first time participating, but not for lack of wanting, just for lack of time to dedicate to it. I was fortunate and so very happy to participate last year, and I have every intention of continuing with the yearly tradition.”

Join us on September 28th – 29th for AIGA Jacksonville’s Always Summer Weekend. Sign up online for the poster show, and pre-register tickets to experience the speaker event and workshop.

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And check out their beautiful poster prints at the show!

Have a great Summer!

By aigajacksonville
Published August 21, 2012