Always Summer Poster Show Inspiration: Paula Rubman

Looking for some inspiration for the Always Summer Poster Show + Mixtape? Check out these artists as they explain their process for creating posters about their favorite summer songs.

Paula Rubman is a web designer and developer at Red Fin Group. As a designer primarily in the digital world, creating a poster for the Always Summer Poster Show gave her the push needed to design her first music poster. 

“I chose “Birds” by Kate Nash to be my Always Summer Song. The song had been around for a while and even on my ipod for months, but the first time I actually listened to the song was last summer and I when it came on shuffle, I just remember that I stopped all other thoughts and just listened to the song. It’s such a peaceful, beautiful and fun song and I knew right away that was the song I was going to do for the show.”

“When designing my poster I knew I wanted my song title to fit in the imagery as much as possible, and the poster designs that inspired me most where the ones that did this. The idea for my poster came from a combination from lyrics as well as how I felt when I listened to the music. The song is about young love and how awkward and scary it can be. Kate Nash uses a metaphor about birds to describe love, and how it can be scary and also beautiful at the same time. I wanted to try an convey that same feeling with my poster. At the time, I was also very influenced by DKNG since Dan Kuhlken came to speak at the most recent AIGA portfolio review and was completely memorized by their work. I decided I wanted to take a shot at doing a digitally illustrated poster, which is completely out of my comfort zone since illustration is not my strong suit. After a few trials, I was finally able to figure out to achieve the style I was looking for and ended up being very pleased with the outcome.”

“I wanted to participate in the poster show because I had missed out on it the previous year and it also ended up becoming a school project in my senior class during the Graphic Design Program at UNF. It was my first time designing a music poster as well as participating and attending the Always Summer Poster Show. I had a lot of fun designing my poster and loved the experience of being able to display my poster with all the other participants in the design community.”

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By aigajacksonville
Published September 19, 2013