Always Summer Poster Show Inspiration: Bryant Hardwick

Looking for some inspiration for the Always Summer Poster Show + Mixtape? Check out these artists as they explain their process for creating posters about their favorite summer songs. Learn more about AIGA Jacksonville’s Always Summer Weekend, and register your poster at

Bryant Hardwick is the Creative Manager of Corporate Communications at Crowley Maritime Corporation. A love of all things musical and visual, he has been a frequent participant in AIGA events, including past Always Summer Poster Shows. Last year he took home the 2nd place trophy for his rendition of “Sonny Feeling” by Wilco.

“I’ve always had a weird fascination with catchy, upbeat songs that have dark lyrics. “Sonny Feeling” is about a girl that keeps putting herself in dangerous situations, and how it eventually catches up to her.”

“What I enjoyed most about this poster was intentionally misinterpreting the lyrics. Although the song is about life consequences and waiting for the other shoe to drop, I couldn’t stop picturing one shoe leaving its mate in search of a solo adventure. Sounds crazy, but I wanted to create a new song about the relationship between two sole mates.”

“I look forward to this show every year because it excites and horrifies me at the same time… an interesting feeling, by the way. There’s an endless supply of artistic talent in this town, and I’m reminded of that every year at the poster show. It’s an honor to have my work displayed with my contemporaries, and it’s a constant reminder that I always have room for improvement.”

Join us on Saturday, September 28th for AIGA Jacksonville’s Always Summer Poster Show. If you’d like to submit a poster, sign up online to get a discounted entry fee with a free print of your poster. If you’d like to attend the event as a spectator, reserve your ticket today and save $5!

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By aigajacksonville
Published September 9, 2013