AIGA Gets an Exclusive Tour of MOCA


This past Thursday, January 24th, a small group of AIGA Jacksonville members became privy to a “behind the scenes” look at MOCA Jacksonville.

During this members-only event, Director of Education, Allison Galloway began the tour with an introduction to MOCA’s “Project Atrium” series, which features site-specific installations by emerging and mid-career artists. The most recent installation is by Dr. Ian Bogost, an author and artist whose creativity has manifested in the form of an interactive video game. At the top of an altar-like platform sits an unassuming ipad, on which you play Bogost’s game, “Simony”.


Next, the group was ushered into an elevator and taken to the third floor, where workers hurried to complete their newest exhibition, SLOW: Marking Time in Photography and Film.

Carefully stepping around ladders and freshly painted walls, the members got a first look at some incredible work by Eve Sussman, Kota Ezawa, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Chris McCaw, Idris Khan, James Nares, and David Claerbout. This exhibition explores our perception of time and duration. It asks us to take a break from our hectic lives and just watch: see what can happen in the span of a second. The exhibition features the works of seven American and European artists whose approaches to this concept complement and challenge one another. 


There are projection rooms, television screens, sound cones, rare materials, and innovative photography to be seen, as these artists explore multiple approaches to the topic. We were blown away by the depth and creativity of the artwork, as well as MOCA’s expertly crafted exhibition space. 

The exhibition will be showing from January 26th – April 7th, with a Patron’s and Member’s preview on Friday, and an artist panel on Saturday.


Normally, we’d tell you to hurry on over for this don’t-miss MOCA event, but in this case we may encourage you:

Take it slow.



~ Stephanie Soden, Programming Co-Director

By aigajacksonville
Published January 26, 2013