Accommodating Atmosphere Into A New Year

It seems as though a new year is bringing with it a revival of energy and excitement. Things are kicking off to a high note. Activity is all around us as people get excited about taking on new personal challenges, setting goals across the board and looking into making the time ahead something to look forward to. The creative industry is notorious for—rather than just looking to loose weight and quit smoking—taking on projects to span a length of time in order to expand and enrich their creative development.

The AIGA Jacksonville board is not an exception to this. We hold our projects, both ongoing and new, to a standard of ever continuing improvement and growth. Creative development for the organization however is not achievable without it’s members. In a continued effort to connect Jacksonville’s creatives in a like-minded environment for dialogue, collaborations and camaraderie we put our best into regularly providing an atmosphere, or outlet, for these connections.

The mid-month duo known as The Morning Leak, and Cocktails & Creatives is the perfect compliment to suit a mixed creative environment every second week of the month.

Early this past Wednesday morning over 40 people were in attendance, mixing professional and students in an enriching environment, as 6 presenters showed sneak peaks at work—along with back story and process—ranging from printed materials, to photography and even motion graphics projects.

Thursday, the following night, even more members came out for post-work conversation to wind down the week over food and drinks. With specially extended drink specials and gift-card giveaways, the creative community of professionals and students mingled, joked, laughed and connected in a relaxed environment.

Whether meeting someone for the first time, getting reacquainted with someone you may not have seen in a while or simply having another excuse to go out with friends from other companies, AIGA Jacksonville strives to accommodate an atmosphere for growth, support and friendship among a community of creatives.

With such a large turnout to both functions kicking off the year, we look forward to helping build up these and the many other programs along side our members toward something positive and fun in 2011.

— jim, membership co-director

By aigajacksonville
Published January 19, 2011