2015 Board Nominations

It’s that time of year again, where you have the chance to take a bigger role within your design community and AIGA Jacksonville!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I would love to see the chapter do this…” or, “I wish AIGA Jacksonville would book this speaker for an event…”, this is your opportunity to join the AIGA Jacksonville Board and bring your ideas to fruition.

We want members of the local design community with creative ideas on how AIGA Jacksonville can help stimulate thinking about design, demonstrate the value of design, and empower the success of designers through local events, community outreach and member communication.

If you or someone you know sounds perfect for an AIGA Jacksonville Board position, please submit their name and contact information, along with a one paragraph write-up of how you or your nominee can contribute to us at hello@aigajacksonville.org. Nominations are due before Friday, July 10th.

AIGA membership at the supporting level is required to be on the board. If you’re not already, you can become a member here or contact our Director of Membership, Lauren Trump at membership@aigajacksonville.org.

We have a variety of roles on our board to fit your interests, so check out a few of the teams below and see where you and/or your nominee want to get involved!

Membership Team:
Are you a friendly, outgoing person interested in connecting with your community? Join the Membership Team to help us create the best possible experience for our members. Duties include conceiving and organizing events (such as The Always Summer Poster Show, The Morning Leak, and Designer Dialogues), reaching out to current and potential members, visiting schools and businesses to educate others on AIGA benefits, and being a point person to get others involved in the chapter. If you are interested in making an impact and helping others, Membership is the position for you!

Communications Team:
Strategy, creative resourcefulness and an engaging voices are the core of the communications team. It’s the perfect place for anyone who wants to help AIGA Jacksonville become a resource for, and interact with, the community in new and interesting ways. Duties include working with the rest of the board to assist with new membership initiatives, organizing promotions for events, creating interactive social media content and creating new and creative campaigns to better reach our member base. If you want to invent new and interesting ways to engage our local community, we look forward to hearing from you!

Programming Team:
Programming team members are the event architects: we create, plan, organize, and execute both new and long-standing staple events. Programming team members are involved in every event AIGA Jacksonville hosts, striving to reach the Jacksonville design community through events that engage and inspire our members. Duties include: assisting event chairs throughout the life of each event, reaching out to speakers, coordinating with communications, membership, and sponsorship teams, and of course concepting new events.

Education Team:
As two-thirds of our chapter is comprised of students, the Education Team is crucial for reaching out to those members and helping to prepare them for the next phase of their careers. Duties include planning and organizing our Annual Student Portfolio Review, which invites students from multiple area universities to participate. The Education Team also works to keep up consistent communication with faculty and student groups from Savannah to Gainesville. Join this team if you are interested in bettering the AIGA experience for our student and faculty members.

We are also searching for members to support and help lead the following committees:

Student Liaison:
The Student Liaison serves as a go-between for the main Jacksonville chapter and the student groups in the surrounding Northeast Florida area. They are responsible for attending monthly board meetings, relaying information from the chapter to the ALL of the student groups in Jacksonville and getting student members more involved. They are also responsible for organizing the Design Sidekicks events in the fall and spring in which college students shadow design agencies in Jacksonville.

Committee Member:
Committees work directly with the teams mentioned above, but in a supporting role. Committees have defined duties determined by the team director and the committee members, collaboratively. They will also have direct input and get training in the designated area that could lead to a full positional commitment if desired the following year.

Special Event Chair:
Work side by side with a programming team member as they plan, organize, and execute one of our major annual events. Be a pivotal part of our Always Summer Poster Show, speaking events such as I Love Design and Get Digital, or inspire through our annual Portfolio Review Weekend.

Help us reach out to businesses and organizations interested in expanding their reach and aligning themselves with our mission. Strong sponsorship helps us to create meaningful programming and partner with local and national brands to create an impact on the community.

We also need committee members to support and lead these fantastic AIGA initiatives:

Design for Good:
AIGA created Design for Good to build and sustain the implementation of design thinking for social change. As a movement to ignite, accelerate and amplify design-driven social change, Design for Good creates opportunities for designers to build their practice, their network and their visibility by supporting those who play a catalytic role in communities and create positive social impact.

In-house design “INitiative”:
AIGA launched “INitiative” with The Creative Group in 2011 to help in-house designers and managers make a greater impact at their companies, evolve professionally and connect with a broader network of peers. Through articles, videos, events and a quarterly newsletter, this program provides information, advice, inspiration and insights to help in-house design teams thrive.

Women’s Leadership Initiative:
This new initiative develops AIGA’s commitment to empowering women designers and advancing the vital discourse on issues facing professional women today. The objective of this initiative is not to generalize or segregate women designers, but to recognize exemplary achievements and constructively address persistent biases and inequities. Design, the realm of problem solving and innovation, should lead the way in tackling these issues for our wide-reaching industry.

Community Outreach:
Be the bridge between the design world and the business world. Connect with other non-profit organizations, local and national businesses, and like-minded groups to collaborate on community events and initiatives.

Have something in mind not listed here?
Take lead on your own initiative and advance the chapter and organization into new and needed territories.

Additionally, if you have any questions about any of the positions for the board, email us at: hello@aigajacksonville.org

Become a volunteer! Its an excellent way to show your support. Its also a great way to network with your peers, improve your organizational skills and help make an impact in the community. Just contact us at volunteer@aigajacksonville.org to start your adventures with AIGA Jacksonville.

By aigajacksonville
Published June 15, 2015